40 best paying affiliate marketing programs

best paying affiliate programs Wake up late. Have your morning coffee on a terrace bench overlooking the sea shore. Listen to the waves crash off the beach as you sip your morning espresso.

Imagine if you could successfully escaped the rat race and its monotony, you can now make money any time, from any place, with just a laptop and a few clicks.

Well the truth is, you don’t really have to imagine that anymore. Millions of people all around the world access this lifestyle thanks to online businesses, and passive income.

If you want to learn how you can get a lifestyle like this, then affiliate marketing might just be the best solution for you. There are literally, hundreds of niches for you to choose from. Whether you like sports, beauty, tech, fashion or travelling… there will be a niche for you to profit from. Always.

That’s why today, I have complied 112 of the best affiliate programmes of 2020.

“What do you mean by BEST paying affiliate programmes?” I hear you ask.

There are a number of criteria we use to identify a “good” programme.

That is:

  • Commission fee
  • Convenience for beginners
  • Company support for affiliates
  • Quality of the brand/service
  • Cookie duration
  • Service/Product utility.

We have broken these programmes into different niches. So you can easily identify which is right for you and take the first step to your passive income journey today.

So let’s get right into it:

What Are the Best Website Affiliate Programs?


Ever since the growing trend of ecommerce took off in 2014, online sales have approximately doubled to today, where figures now stand at $3.5 billion in online sales per year.

It comes as no surprise then, why particular website builders such as Wix, Weebly and Shopify are first up in our list of affiliate programs.

Fortunately, because many of these companies charge recurring fees, it opens the way to both recurring passive income for affiliates, or even 100% of the purchase value, due to the high lifetime value of customers.

1 what are the best website affiliate programs

1 weebly

Weebly currently powers over 50 million sites on the web. They are based in SAN Francisco with offices in New York, Toronto and more. Their easy to use features and beginner friendly web design guides can offer incredible value to aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. The great thing is, there is no limit whatsoever as to the amount that you can earn on Weebly. The generous 30% recurring revenue fee, means there’s no cap on the limit that you can earn.


Weebly’s program is extremely easy to join, they have a guide on their own website that you can use to get started, and they have dedicated customer support teams for your own benefit. Not to mention that it’s completely free. Also, a generous 120 day cookie lifetime, and their program supports 15 different languages.

2. 3D Cart

Whether you blog, own an ecommerce store, or promote any kind of product. Then 3D cart’s affiliate program is what you need. Founded in 1997, 3D cart is a comprehensive and useful tool that helps entrepreneurs thrive, in a complex and competitive digital world. On top of the brand name and useful services, you can earn up to a 300% fee on each entrepreneur you send their way.


They have over 4,000 successful affiliates from their program. On top of that, they offer Free access to marketing content, along with a bonus and incentive scheme. With a wide variety of content you can link to, such as blogs, webinars and other tools, your 120 cookie duration could generate you huge amounts of passive income from this one program.

3. Shopify

Shopify is the most popular e-commerce website builder on the Internet today. They serve almost 400,000 store owners on their platform. Regardless of whether you’re a marketer, blogger or entrepreneur, you can use shopify’s affiliate program to earn up to 200% commission on each sale.


They even have helpful affiliate FAQ sections, and you even receive a monthly newsletter right to your inbox, full of advice and tips on marketing your affiliate business. With a 30 day tracking cookie, and a recognisable, trustworthy brand… shopify’s partner affiliate program is one of the most promising affiliate programs of 2020.

4. BigCommerce

Advanced features and professional functionality put BigCommerce’s affiliate program high on our list. Home to over 60,000 ecommerce merchants and eye watering commission fees of 200% are admittedly impressive. The 90 day cookie gives you the opportunity to earn either $60, $160 or even up to $2,500 for every customer you send their way.


On top of that, along with comprehensive advice on website set-up, marketing and SEO functions, you will receive a powerful, comprehensive tracking system. This means you can view your clicks, trials and earning performance at any time. Not to mention the dedicated account manager who can offer 1-on-1 support, advice, and can answer any burning questions you have.

5. Wix

With over 100 million users, Wix is a huge competitor in the website building industry. They offer up to $100 per paying customer, with unlimited payouts. With an inclusive guide for beginners to be found on their website, Wix is easily one of the most easy-to-use and beginner friendly affiliate programs in the market. A 30 day cookie, and a broad range of landing pages available to use, puts Wix on our list of best affiliate programs.


6. Site123

Without any set-up fees and a responsive customer support team, Site123 makes for a convenient and profitable affiliate program. Their program offers payouts of up to $182 per sale, and includes safe & trusted payment methods. The lack of intermediary fees and well-known brand name makes Site123 a perfect affiliate partner for bloggers, ecommerce merchants and any online business owner.


Many of the best affiliate programs I have reviewed offer one-time, single payouts, this is great, but the problem is that once you refer a customer to a company, you only get paid once. With subscription based revenue models, this opens up a whole new path to earning consistent, recurring income, based on the customers you send to a company.

Here are some of the best recurring affiliate programs:


2 Best recurring affiliate programs,

1 Buzzsprout

With the increase in popularity of podcasts, it comes as no surprise that a podcast hosted has topped our list of best affiliate programs of 2020. Buzzsprout has their own affiliate program, where you can receive a $20 gift voucher for Amazon with every referral you send their way. Pretty unique right? Also, your referral will receive a $20 voucher too, and another one every time they upgrade!


This rather unique model does have some small conditions however, you can check that on their website to find out more.


2 Thinkific

Thinkific is an all-in-one online course programs that allow users to quickly create courses. The UK company, offers a generous 20% fee and also has a 30 day cookie. With the growing trend of online education becoming even more popular, this may look like a promising affiliate program for both today, and in to future.

3. Leadpages

Leadpages is one of the leading landing page builder apps in the entire industry. Users can build stunning, high performing landing pages with call-to-actions and many other features. Their generous affiliate program offers a 30% recurring commission fee, as long as you customer remains a subscriber.


Many business are switching to using landing pages as part of their marketing, combined with the generous commission fee, Leadpages has earned itself a high quality reputation as an affiliate provider.

4. Teachable

Teachable is another fast-growing online course builder application. Users can use a variety of features such as their very own premium training for beginners to set up their own educational platform. The affiliate program starts at a generous 30% recurring fee with a 90 day cookie.


Also, they offer A/B split testing facilities and their own funnel templates for you to use to increase your conversion rate.

5. GetReponse

GetReponse is an email marketing platform with over 350,000 customers, and is available in 24 languages. Founded in 1998, the company enjoys their very own highly popular, and positive brand image. Their affiliate program offers a recurring fee of 30%, with plans as expensive as $1,199 PER MONTH.


This opens the way to a highly profitable opportunity, with a generous 120 day cookie and a low payout threshold for affiliates.


6 Ipvanish

Ipvanish is one of the most popular VPN service in the industry. Their affiliate program offers a remarkable 100% of every sale generated, with a further 35% of all subscription renewals!


As well as a generous payout, Ipvanish have an elite team of affiliate sales managers, SEO strategists and specialists in order to help develop marketing campaigns to success. They offer all of the resources and training they you need to increase conversions. Also, Ipvanish offer unlimited, 24/7 access to managing your affiliate programs and reviewing your statistics whenever you wish.

7 Aweber

Aweber is an excellent email marketing platform that small businesses can use to boost their sales online. Their affiliate program is very popular, and offers a 30% recurring fee, for each customer that you refer to them. As well as that, their program is free to sign up to, and payments are easy to receive, and sent monthly.


Affiliate partners also receive a wide range of resources, such as the customer referral newsletter, and comprehensive access to their own statistics, where they can review performance.


As Another easy to use and beginner friendly email marketing platform, Convertkit have their own visual automation builder, and allow users to even create triggers based on website actions. Their affiliate program pays out 30% recurring commission fees each month. Their plans start from $99 per month for customers, and their wide range of customers and their strong brand reputation all make for a promising affiliate program.

7. Elegant themes

Elegant themes is a WordPress theme library it offers customers over 80 simplified themes, and boasts over half a million customers! On top of that, Elegant themes offer some of the most generous affiliate commissions in the industry, at 50%! Nearly double the industry standard.


What truly makes elegant themes unique however, is that these themes genuinely sell themselves, as long as you can supply the hot traffic, Elegant themes can do the rest of the work.


8. Semrush

Semrush is an extremely useful tool that bloggers and content marketers can use. It allows them to track keywords, conduct audits and receive valuable insights into competitors performance their program, otherwise known as BeRush, offers a 40% commission fee.


What’s even more impressive however, is their cookie lifetime. They boast an amazing 10 year cookie lifespan for their affiliate partners. As well as getting the opportunity to promote a high quality, useful tool, they offer a speedy and convenient sign up process, so you can get started in minutes.

9. Spyfu

Spyfu is another highly popular and useful SEO tool that website owners can use to access valuable insights about their keywords to extend their competitive advantage. They offer an ongoing, recurring fee of 40%, as well as 2x monthly payouts, and another outstanding tracking cookie length, clocking in at 365 Days!


10. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is an incredibly valuable tool that you can use to find influencers, access email addresses and grow your very own promotional efforts. As well as getting access to promote and earn from a popular, unique influencer marketing tool, you can receive 20% of every referral you send their way, and you will even have a variety of 4 subscription options to send them to.

11. Clickfunnels

Perhaps known as the largest and the most comprehensive funnel building software in the industry, Clickfunnels also boasts a rather impressive affiliate partner programme. They offer a generous 40% commission fee to all affiliates.

As well as the landing page software, Clickfunnels also sell many webinars, books and more. With free statistic tracking services, and a slightly more complex reward system for high earners, Clickfunnels makes for one of the most promising affiliate programs of 2020.

What are the best Financial Affiliate programs?

Transunion claim that there are 2.69 credit cards in the US per person. In the western world, we are excellent at spending money we don’t have. Luckily, however, you can take control of your finances, not by being customers of these financial companies, but by using their affiliate programs outlined below!


Whether you decide to market B2C programs or B2B, there are plenty of opportunities available to you to score some *very* high paying commissions in the financial industry.


So let’s get right into it, here are the best financial affiliate programs for 2020:

1. Bankrate Credit Cards

If you’ve been on any finance article in the last couple of years, it’s highly likely that you’ve come across something by Bankrate. Why is that you may ask? Simply because they are truly a market leader in the financial industry, they help customers find mortgage, personal and auto loans. It provides a solid, fundamental base for individuals to dip their toes into the investing world.


Their affiliate program is just as impressive, they have over 300+ variable payout structures for their partners, coupled with a generous 40% commission fee. Given that Bankrate is one of the leading brands in the investment world, and that their promising growth does not look likely to end anytime soon, it makes for an impressive affiliate program for marketers.


2. bankaffiliates.com

This rather unique website is a little bit different to most of the other affiliate programs you will see listed here. bankaffiliates.com is a useful website, with a comprehensive set of its own financial affiliate programs.


It is perfect for bloggers and influencers in the financial niche, all you need to do is scroll through the website to learn about incredibly profitable and innovative affiliate programs for financial services, insurance, bank accounts, credit cards and loan services.



3. credit.com

credit.com was created by experts and consumer advocates to help individuals make more intelligent investment decisions. Their educational tools and unbiased comparisons of financial services and products. They act as a dependable guide for expert information in the financial industry, from personal finance to credit reporting.


They offer generous payouts and high conversions. Affiliates have a selection of useful tools at their disposal, such as exclusive offers, custom branding and other creatives. On top of that, they have reporting from their experienced affiliate support team, which you can use to ask any questions you may have.

4. Commissionsoup

With over 18 years of experience in the financial industry, CommissionSoup is another prominent affiliate marketing network. They host some of the highest paying affiliate programs from many established and prestigious banks from all over the world.


Whilst the cookie length and payout percentage will of course vary, affiliates will be given exclusive access to many useful and innovative marketing strategies, to maximise their own profits and commissions. As well as that, affiliates will be able to contact their account representatives at any time, to ask questions or for clarification.


5. CapitalBank

CapitalBank offer a consumer-friendly, credit card system, known as OpenSky. This system allows consumers to build their own credit score, with no credit check required to begin. Customers will choose their limit, and make a one-time refundable deposit to improve their credit score.


Affiliates can receive a payout of up to $25 per funded account, and have a cookie duration of 30 days. CapitalBank also offer an array of resources to their affiliates. With exclusive access to things like marketing materials, and link texts, along with helpful information and product guides.


6. Freshbooks

Fresh books is an accounting package software developed for small businesses. They offer cloud based accounting applications that are capable of sending invoices to customers to bill.


Freshbooks offer $5 per leading signup trial, and a further $55 for every subscription member you can send their way. As well as that, they offer a generous cookie length of 120 days. Their dedicated affiliate support team is ready to answer any questions that you may have about their program. Their simple, easy to use and beautiful service makes their affiliate program one of the most promising for 2020.

7. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual allows website visitors to find and manage their policies, make claims and find informative resources to set up and understand their insurance coverage. Their brand is not only well known to individuals, but continues to drive forward developments in the insurance industry.


Affiliates can benefit from a straightforward payout system, earning between $3-$17, depending on the referrals they send. They offer a quad commission opportunity, which can be earned with a strong sales funnel, complimented by the free design services upon request.

8. NetQuote


NetQuote is an insurance lead provider for insurance agents. Their service allows customers to apply and compare various providers for the very best quotes for auto, health and business insurance. NetQuote themselves do not provide any insurance.


Their easy and convenient affiliate program pays out between $3-$20, depending on the type of insurance. Payments are made on the 15th day of each month, via a direct deposit system, to make sure you get paid safely, and conveniently.

9. Quickbooks

I’m sure I wouldn’t need to explain who they are, but just in case you’ve never heard of them, quickbooks are an accounting software packages for small to medium sized businesses. They offer on-premises facilities and a cloud based package, that allows for business payments, bill management and payroll functions.


They have a wide range of pro use variations available for promotion like I have just described, with a 10% commission fee for partners. They also offer free guidance on adding links & banners to your website, to maximise your sales and earnings.


Transunion is a consumer credit reporting agency. They collect information on over a billion individuals in 30 countries.


They offer a commission fee of $20, and a cookie length of 45 days. Transunion also give their affiliate partners a variety of banners to promote their products on your website and create higher conversion rates, as well as comprehensive tracking features to monitor your sales analytics

Best VPN Affiliate Programs

1. PureVPN

PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider, started in 2008, they now have over 100,000 employees in 120+ countries. They pioneered a new approach to VPN servicing, they were the first to introduce a variety of features such as DDos protection and 24/7 customer support.


Their generous commission structure offers 100% commission on the first month, with a further 35% recurring commission fee for each subscriber. The possibilities are truly endless, on their website, they proudly boast about how one affiliate earned over $50,000 in one month!

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is another virtual private network service provider. NordVPN was born in 2012, and since then, it has grown into an enormous cybersecurity firm. Serving over 1,000,000 users globally.


Their commission structure varies, depending on what choice of subscription your visitor chooses, beginning at 100% for a new sign up, and 30% recurring commission for every renewal subscription. Affiliate partners also receive a dedicated account manager to help with set up and answer any questions.


3. Express VPN

Created in 2009 and based on the BVI, Express VPN are the worlds largest premium VPN supplier.  They offer high, one-time payouts to users based on what exact plan a referral signs up for. Starting at $13 for one month, and reaching as far as $36 for 12 months.


Express VPN can offer very high conversion rates due to the strong reputation within the VPN industry. They have their own team of dedicated account managers to help you boost conversions even further, as well as offer advice on setting up your website.


4. StrongVPN

StrongVPN has been providing gas and reliable VPN services all around the globe for 16 years now, making them one of the longest standing and most trusted VPN providers.


They offer up to 200% commission payout, which is automatically paid to you using safe and secure payout methods once you reach $100. They too, have a dedicated affiliate support team to help you whenever you need them, as well as advanced affiliate reporting, with 24/7 access to view and monitor your statistics.


5. Ipvanish

IpVanish boasts some of the very highest paying affiliate commissions in the entire industry. Their low cost plans and strong reputation, (including prestigious client list), makes them a great choice for a VPN Affiliate program.


Partners can not only benefit from promoting a well known brand, but will also get access to their mouth watering commissions. Starting at 100% for a one month package, with 35% recurring, all the way up to 40% for a 2 year package, and 35% recurring.

Best Travel affiliate programs

With the creation of websites such as Airbnb, booking.com and Expedia, more people are booking holidays online than every before. This makes 2020 the best time, to get involved with some of these major travel package services, by joining their affiliate programs.


Let’s say for example, you were a travel blogger, with a keen list of loyal travel enthusiasts.


From each of the websites I have outlined below, you could recommend destinations, travel packages, airlines and so much more with these websites, and then take your very own commission fee from each sale you make them.


Travel certainly seems like one of the most prosperous niches to begin affiliate marketing in 2020, so here is our list of the best travel affiliate programs.

1. Tripadvisor

Perhaps known as the most popular company in the entire travel industry, Tripadvisor affiliate program enables you to partner with the largest travel community in the world. You can use the Tripadvsiror brand name to get access to over 760 million reviews, as well as half a million city and hotel pages to promote on your website.


They offer a 50% commission fee with a cookie duration of 14 days. (Please note, this is 50% of Tripadvisor’s own commission, rather than the entire cost). With a further incentive scheme and access to a dedicated affiliate partner team, Tripadvisor is number one on our recommendation.

2. TravelPayouts

TravelPayouts cover an entire range of flights, accommodation, car rentals and insurance policies to help travellers ensure that their vacation runs as smoothly as possible. They offer a 30 day cookie period, and have a revenue share of up to 80% for each sale. The more that you can sell, the higher your income. It averages however, at approximately 1.6% for a flight booking, and 6% for a hotel booking.


Their tools and websites are multilingual as well, which is a huge bonus, meaning that you can work with clients all around the globe. As well as that, they have an incredible support team, with 40% of requests answered within an hour.

3. Expedia

Ranked number one in the 2014 Travel Weekly Power list, Expedia has a world renowned affiliate team, with proven and tested solutions for promoting travel on your website. You will maximise conversion rates with the well-known brand, and leverage the exclusive rates that Expedia has to offer.


They have over 60 million unique visits per month, along with 400 bootable airlines, and grossed $39.4 billion in bookings in the full year of 2013 alone.


4. Marriotte

Marriott is a high-end hotel brand offering a variety of hotels in locations all around the globe to promote in their program. With 7,000+ hotels globally in over 130 different countries, Marriott will always have a hotel that you can present to your audience.


They offer 3% for vacation packages, and 4-6% for hotel stays. Given the high end and luxurious nature of their brand, this makes for quite a good deal for us affiliate partners. However, their limited 7 day cookie length is a little downside.


Their dedicated affiliate marketing expert team, and the complimentary affiliate newsletter do make up for it however.

5. Priceline

Priceline are a well known brand within the hotel industry, focusing mainly on low cost and affordable travel recommendations. They have an inventory of over 980,000 hotels to choose from, with exclusive discounts and more.

Their 24/7 customer service team is available in multiple languages around the clock. With A/B split testing, a proven track record to boost earning potential and world class custom developments, Priceline is one of the most promising affiliate programs this year.


They offer a 3-5% commission to affiliates, as well as a 30 day cookie length.

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