15 best crm softwares of 2020

When picking the best web hosting, there are thousands of service providers to compare.

And all provide different levels of features, performance, ease of use, and price ranges – not to mention their discounts and savings at checkout.

With all of the noise out there from both hosting companies jockeying for your attention, these web hosting reviews will give you two simple takeaways:

1. How to pick the best host for you.

2. How to save the most money at checkout with the most significant discounts (up to 90%).best crm software

1. Salesforce best crm software

Salesforce is one of the most professional Customer Relationship Management software on this list and as it has more than a million users globally. By using this cloud-based CRM software you can cater to your needs regarding all the branches of business, sales, services, marketing, analytics, and much more.


  • With the help of Opportunity Management, you would be able to close more deals than ever by having the perfect opportunities with this module
  • You can use Contact Management to track functions like customer history, social media mentions, and communications
  • You can also set sales targets and update goals using Sales Performance Management for the ultimate sales performance
  • With the help of Visual Workflow, you can drag, drop, share, track files and also update them
  • If you want to have a priority based on seeing what you want to see then First Feed Feature would be a great help to you


  • You would have 24/7 customer support which is available via phone and email
  • You would be able to do high-level automation and personalization to get the best user experience
  • With the 30-day free trial period, you can experience this amazing CRM software
  • This service is cloud-hosted that is faster and inexpensive
  • Salesforce is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Android
  • It has an open API that makes it highly customizable
  • It offers you enterprise territory management, a sales CRM as well as social network management
  • You would have complete customer support of multi-language and multi-currency
  • You would have a wide range of email templates that you can choose from
  • This service has an in-built Einstein Lead Scoring System
  • With the help of lead management, Salesforce automation, and business intelligence you would have a hassle-free experience
  • It is totally compatible with all devices including smartphones
  • This service would also provide you with partner communities
  • You would also have an in-built process builder as well as lead generation tools
  • With this CRM a large number of third-party applications including LeadExec, Ambassador and Zuora, Zendesk can be easily integrated
  • You would be able to have mass emailing options that can save your time and efforts


  • Companies who want on-premise deployment cannot take advantage of the CRM
  • Live chat support is not available in this service



Salesforce initial subscription plans start at $25/user/month, and the most expensive plan would cost you $1250/user/month; both are billed annually. If the mentioned plans do not satisfy your needs you would have to contact them for customized plans.

2. FRESHSALES best crm software

FreshSales is an AI-based CRM that is used for lead scoring, email activity, email capture, and much more. One of its most amazing features is that it provides you with a 360-degree view of your business.best crm software


  • Lead Management provides you with solutions to convert prospective leads into future customers
  • With the help of Deal Management,you can have a thorough picture of where the deal is located in the sales funnel. It also helps you to manage and organize every single step in the funnel and by this, you are able to maximize your chances of conversion
  • Tracking and Lead Scoringcan be used to rank and score leads and identify those leads most likely to make a purchase with the help of in-built AI-feature
  • Auto Lead Assignment of this CRM allows you to handpick leads to select salespeople automatically
  • Smartforms (web-to-lead) can be used when the web-form is filled by users on your website, they automatically become a lead and thus are added to your database


  • It provides you with high-level automation and intelligent workflows
  • With the help of an extensive range of integrations that include MailChimp, Zapier, Calendar, Piesync and Segment
  • Fuss-free APIs to help you read, modify, add, and delete any data you want from help-desk
  • Behavior-based lead segmentation and generation
  • You can also use its advanced lead scoring which is based on characteristics and behavior
  • It allows you to send out personalized welcome and voicemail messages
  • GDPR compliant
  • You can have a 21-day free trial period
  • Outstanding customer support via phone and email
  • This CRM is known as one of the best mobile CRMs with an app
  • It has a function known as event tracking that tracks previous communication to plan the future approach
  • Fresh Sales is a highly flexible CRM service


  • It can be challenging to use if you are a beginner
  • It does not include any landing page builders
  • Features like proposal templates are not included in this service
  • Customer support is only for the first 5 days of the week, that is you would get no support on weekend best crm software

This service has four plans and the initial plan starts from $12/month up to $79/month and these are prices that are billed annually.

3. ZOHO CRM best crm software

With Zoho, you can make use of the 360-degree view of your business to track essential sales and marketing opportunities as well as increase conversion rates. With more than 150,000 customers all over the world, Zoho CRM is one of the most amazing tools on this list.


  • With the help of Advanced CRM Analyticsyou can integrate your data and derive insights that are actionable
  • With the power of its AI Sales, AssistantZoho helps sales teams and representatives make decisions based on user profile and detect peculiarities
  • Performance Managementis an outstanding feature and with its tools like gamification, reporting, sales forecasting, and management of the territory, you can analyze and track your small business spending
  • Sales Enablementwould help you generate price quotes and let you access sales scripts
  • Process managementenables you to chart out every step of the sales process with tools like sales builder and processing rules


  • It has omnichannel customer support via phone, live chat, email as well as social media
  • It would provide you with high-level automation
  • This CRM is highly customizable
  • It has no additional surprise costs
  • With 100+ third party integrations including LinkedIn, Zapier, Google and Outlook you can work with ease
  • Zoho is highly scalable
  • You would also get a15-day free trial period
  • The service will offer a mobile version for paid plans
  • It ensures that data security, integrity, and regulatory compliance are of highest priority
  • Multi-language is offered
  • It has a free plan for up to 3 users
  • It provides you with a holistic calendar management
  • Offers data import and export
  • You can also make use of its predictive sales feature to help with data enrichment, email sentiment analysis and much more


  • It can be difficult to operate for a beginner
  • It does not provide you a polling service
  • No ‘import’ option is given from emails or web browser during registration  


This service has three plans to offer which are Standard, Professional and Enterprise that would cost you $12/month, $20/month and $35/month respectively. This pricing is billed annually. for your 15 day zoho free trial click here

4. NIMBLE best crm software

Nimble is an excellent and a simple CRM service, that works within the G-Suite inbox and Office 365. This service allows you to update contacts, access company and contact insights with ease. It also lets you manage deals from within your workflow and it is just some of the other impressive features. best crm software


  • Relationship Management helps you combine and segment social media connections, communications, inboxes, and calendar appointments
  • With the help of Live Profiles; actionable and accessible contact records can be used to quickly locate contact information and interaction history
  • Segmentation would help you to stay organized by segmenting your contacts into lists so that you can take various actions
  • With Reminder feature you wouldnever miss out on an opportunity
  • With the use of Pipeline management, you wouldalways stay on top of every step of the sales funnel using the visual representation of pipelines


  • This CRM would send out group emails to help you engage your customers at a larger scale
  • Email tracking would result in engaging customers and leads more effectively
  • With this, you have an extensive range of third-party integrations such as Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, Mailchimp and many more
  • Nimble offers you a redesigned smart contacts application that has an enhanced widget to support, calendars, tasks, deals and much more
  • It is highly scalable and customizable
  • You would also have a14-day free trial
  • Prospector tool would allow you to visit a website and get details about people who are not listed on the website
  • It also has a ‘group message’ feature
  • With the help of extensive task management, you can create and assign tasks to different team members to remain efficient
  • It is totally compatible with mobile phones
  • This service ensures data security and GDPR compliance



  • You have only one plan to choose from
  • It does not have a free plan
  • Many integrations would need a ‘sync’ tool to function properly


Nimble has only one plan to offer its customers. And that plan costs $19/month that is billed annually.

NetHunt CRM works collaboratively with your Google account and all other apps. It brings to you all the functionality of the G-suite, along with all the CRM functions.


  • Customer Relationship Management lets you take care of managing and following up on leads, taking care of existing customers as well as create records, and answers queries
  • Pipeline Managementhelps you pick the right deals and activities to select so that you can follow-up on a daily or weekly basis and see how close you are to closing a deal
  • Sales Cycle Managementcan go after leads more effectively and you can find out the status of the sales cycle and optimize efforts
  • Leads Trackinglets you ensure timely follow-ups and status of leads so that you are able to track and address them effectively
  • With the help of Sales Tracking, you can track sales across multiple channels, monitor the KPIs of your sales team, and have information about leads and customers



  • You can fully integrate with Gmail
  • Can have a14-day free trial period
  • You can filter, sort, and save data the way you need
  • The data is highly customizable and scalable
  • The CRM sends out personalized, bulk emails
  • You can capture prospective leads in one click
  • It is a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • NetHunt is extensively integrated with third-party applications like LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Twitter, Facebook, and many more
  • You get cloud-hosted service which is inexpensive and have an easy setup
  • It has a multi-language platform
  • Email, phone, and live chat customer support available in this service
  • Totally compatible with mobile devices
  • With this data import and export is effortless


  • It is not compatible with Linux
  • Ticket customer support is not available
  • On-premise deployment is not available
  • You would not have any free plan


NetHunt CRM offers you three plans which are Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise. The initial prices start from $24/month and go up to $48/month.

nethunt for your 14-day free trial period click here





Nutshell CRM is a comprehensive, cloud-based service aimed at solving a myriad of business process problems. It is a tool capable of handling all facets of a business and is perfect for keeping detailed records. It makes use of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.


  • Contact Management can help you manage, import, and export all contacts to get started and have a lot of tools like automatic contact sync, centralized database, business card scanners as well as intelligent search function
  • Reporting & Performance Tracking would help you instantly view your sales performance by digging down by product, representative, lead source and much more
  • You can use the Sales Automationto automate most processes with powerful tools for extreme efficiency
  • Extensive Integrationsnullifies the need for an IT department by offering you various third-party integrations that Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Intercom, Outlook, Slack, and much more


  • It can send bulk emails
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • It lets you to have easy data import & export
  • It provides you with a highly collaborative environment
  • This CRM is highly scalable and customizable
  • Cloud-hosted service is inexpensive and easy to deploy
  • It offers you with extensive customer support via phone, email and live support
  • Offers you a 14-day free trial
  • Comprehensive pipeline management lets you have drag-and-drop board view, list view and chart view
  • It makes sure that you get data security, data integrity and regulatory compliance
  • It provides you with continuous backups by taking snapshots twice-daily, weekly, and monthly
  • You would also have payment card industry (PCI) compliance to protect billing information




  • It does not support multiple languages and works in only English
  • It does not offer you on-premise deployment
  • The service’s pricing plans do not include any free plan

.for your 14 day  free trial click here

Nutshell CRM provides you with two plans that are Starter plan $19/user/month, and then you have Pro plan for $19/user/month which is billed annually.


Insightly is a modern CRM platform that helps you grow your business by building lasting relationships with your customers.


  • Lead Routing lets you track the most relevant lead information including an activity timeline of marketing campaign source, email, phone calls and meetings
  • Relationship Managementcan help you enable strong relationships with existing customers and get new customers on board with your business
  • You can take advantage of Extensive Third-Party Integrationsto integrate with a wide range of apps like Gmail, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Outlook and many more
  • Pipeline Management would allow you to monitor the performance of the sales team where you can track sales pitch and identify where it is precisely in the sales funnel



  • This service is compatible with mobile devices: both Android and iOS
  • It provides you with visual dashboards for display and tracking important metrics
  • It helps you ensure data integrity that is military-grade AES-256 encryption and regulatory compliance (GDPR-compliant)
  • It offers you with highly flexible calendaring and events
  • Insightly is highly scalable and customizable
  • The CRM offers you features to ensure efficient filtering and tagging
  • It has in-built automated email reminders and tracking
  • Offers you a14-day free trial
  • It is one of the most affordable software solutions
  • It has excellent customer support available via phone, tickets and email
  • It also offers you in-built tutorials for hands-on experience working with the software
  • You can get real-time macro/micro view of your business
  • It is completely user-friendly and intuitive




  • It does not have live chat support and on-premise deployment

And it supports only one language

The CRM’s’ initial prices start from $29/month and go up to $99/user/month that is billed annually. . Insightly also offers you with with a free plan for up to 2 users


Less Annoying CRM lives up to its name having a clean interface as well as a decent feature set, and a solid platform support. This product begins at just $10/user/month which puts it among the most affordable packages reviewed.

It’s a solid choice for individuals or small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that need a low-cost CRM service and lead management (LM) package that makes it easy for you to use and install.



  • It is a very simple and easy user interface
  • It has a low monthly price
  • You can get multiple active pipelines for each lead
  • Fuss-free lead management tools


  • It only allows you to have basic reporting
  • You would not have any notifications of lead handoffs in the application

The tabs you would get in this service are for workspace or dashboard, contacts, leads, calendar, settings, and help if you are stuck. The contact tab allows you to have a convenient drop-down window while having a search box for both users and companies as well. Under your workspace, you would also be able to view activity and task reports.

The company has been working effortlessly on the back end to improve its existing technology to make its user-interface faster and more flexible for the users.

Contacts and Leads

Everything about Less Annoying CRM can be customized and set according to one’s needs and that includes the layout and content of your workspace and you can also change the names of some tabs. For instance, if you use a different word for a lead, the CRM will change the name of the tab as well as all other references.


EngageBay is a cloud-hosted CRM software that lets you integrate all business processes and functions like sales, marketing, and finances to a single platform. Also, the software focuses on automation for incredible efficiency.


  • With the help of Email Marketing, EngageBay offers you a great module, filled with great features like A/B testing, auto-responders as well as CAN-SPAM compliance, dynamic content, event-triggered emails and much more
  • Lead Generation helps you with efficient lead generation with features like contact import and export, lead capture, database integration, nurturing, scoring, segmentation, and more
  • Marketing Automation offers customizable CTAs, drip campaigns, sales intelligence, website visitor tracking, and so forth
  • With Social Media Marketing you can perform analytics, contact management, automated publishing, content management, and multi-account management



  • Offers a great free plan
  • Extensive third-party app integrations, such as Zapier, Xero, and more
  • Highly customizable and scalable
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Comprehensive customer support via phone, live chats, email, tickets
  • Offers free trial period for paid plans
  • One of the most affordable plans in the market (entirely cloud-based)
  • Ensures data security, integrity and regulatory compliance (GDPR-compliant)
  • Real-time, consolidated customer information for all (including previous interactions and purchases)
  • Variety of forms and pop-ups for visitor engagement and lead generation



  • Doesn’t offer on-premise deployment
  • Supports only English





It has four broad segments

  • All-in-one
  • Marketing
  • CRM & sales bay
  • Service Bay

The CRM & sales bay segment has four plans (one free and three paid).

The service’s initial plan starts from $7.79/month and goes up to $29.99/user/month, based entirely on features and that is when paid bi-annually. You would also be able to pay annually or monthly.


PipelineDeals is a responsive, cloud-hosted CRM software that is ideal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It has excellent features with which you can focus on sales and employee empowerment to maximize output and results.


  • Sales Pipeline Management allows you to visualize, optimize, and understand your sales pipeline for maximum efficiency
  • With Lead Management you can identify, track, follow up, and nudge the leads that are most likely to be converted (into sales) along the sales funnel
  • Contact Management helps you to build new relationships with prospective leads and follow up on existing customers
  • Sales Team Management sets meaningful objectives and establish team activity tracking. Moreover, it helps you eliminate redundancies, delays, and confusion by organizing team knowledge and providing a framework for collaboration



  • You will get a 14-day free trial period
  • You can also get unlimited deals, stages, companies as well as contacts
  • With unlimited file storage, you can work hassle-free
  • You can easily import/export data from Excel or other CRM
  • This service is inexpensive and easy to set up as it is cloud-hosted
  • High customizability and scalability
  • Compatible with mobiles (Android and iOS)
  • With the help of in-built email acceleration, you can easily track open and click-through rates as well as downloads
  • It also enables you to develop your dashboards so that you can get real-time visualization
  • You can also make use of the extensive third-party integrations like Mailchimp, Outlook, Excel, Zapier and many more
  • In-built foreign currency tracking (any market or local currency)
  • Comprehensive data analytics and campaign management for actionable insights
  • Extensive customer support via email, phone, live support, and tickets



  • Doesn’t offer a freemium plan
  • You don’t get an on-premise deployment
  • No multi-language support that is only English

The initial paid plans of PipelineDeals start from $25/month and goes up to $49/month.


Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM with a focus on automation of your marketing and sales while pooling them on to one platform. It is a cloud-based SaaS service that is also one of the most affordable software around.


  • Contact Management is an efficient single page management of contacts can help you close more deals
  • Project Management is an effective management of all projects on the same platform with features like drag-and-drop task lists and more
  • With Appointment Scheduling you can share your calendar online & automate scheduling, invites, and follow-ups
  • With Email Marketing you can create and send professional emails, newsletters, personalize them, and track & analyze results



  • It offers a free plan for up to 10 users
  • Cloud-based (inexpensive and easy to set up)
  • Offers multi-chat windows, easy data entry, and workflow automation
  • Extensive customer support via phone, email, live chats, and tickets
  • Comprehensive email tracking to help you gain essential insights into your email marketing campaign
  • In-built auto-responders
  • Extensive third-party integrations with social, billing, email, and customer support apps
  • With the help of its telephony feature, you can enjoy amazing features like one-click calling, call scripts, and also have voicemail automation
  • Agile also offers mobile marketing so that you can send out personalized SMS and use mobile messaging in campaigns to guarantee customer attraction
  • Helps you create dynamic landing pages to attract and engage potential leads
  • Offers excellent exit intent pop-ups (convert abandoning visitors using them)
  • Highly scalable, customizable, and user-friendly




  • Doesn’t provide on-premise deployment
  • Supports only English
  • 24/5 customer support (not 24/7)

Agile CRM is a free plan with limited features. There are three paid plans starting from $8.99 and ranging up to $47.99 per user per month.

Some tools not yet listed include SugarCRM, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Netsuite, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


HubSpot is a service that has been making its place in the world of CRMs for the last several years as it is focusing on tasks like automation of market and management of social media campaigns.

HubSpot that starts at $50/user/month has given its prime focus towards sales software. It is also amazing news for small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) customers because HubSpot offers free starting price.

It has got an intuitively designed user interface (UI) and it also integrates with a huge number of apps. For businesses that need a reliable, well-maintained platform without a lot of training involved, HubSpot CRM is the choice to go.


  • It has a free version available
  • This service has a very intuitive interface
  • It provides an excellent email integration


  • HubSpot gets costly when you start to add premium functionality for your needs
  • It is relatively new, so it has some bottlenecks such as only allowing a single email address per contact record

Contacts, Leads, Deals, and Reports

By using this software you would get a concise sales dashboard, which has a basic and easy to use a design similar to Pipedrive CRM.

In default settings, you would be showed your team activity, sales performance, deal forecast, deals closed vs goal report as well as productivity. You can add as many modules to the dashboard as you want and get rid of the elements that you do not need.

You would find Hubspot to be the best CRM system for businesses. Out of all popular solutions, its main features are quality of customer support and available software integrations. You can try this software for free, so there is no risk in trying it out to see how well it performs.

Why should one opt for Hubspot CRM? The obvious answer would be that it is linked to multiple places where you can analyze most sales processes, that are phone calls, emails, websites, social media, and a lot more.

Finally, the system lets you easily integrate into your process, and you do not have to make any changes. Your team can learn to use the app quickly as it is very easy to learn so that they can focus on selling and other important tasks.

What benefits can one’s business achieve by using HubSpot CRM? This application can help you create attractive contact and company profiles to enhance user experience. Moreover, it organizes all the details from your customers’ communication profile with you.

It also lets you assign and track your deals, manage the performance of your agents, and will provide a single as well as a detailed dashboard where all employees can keep track of the organization’s activities to maximize learning and efficiency. You will also be able to further optimize inbound marketing practices as well as target strategies.

This CRM is one of the best integrated CRM platforms available on the market, and no other free CRM services offer a high level of integration that Hubspot offers. Some of the systems it integrates easily with are Shopify, Zapier, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics and many other tools. to tryout hubspot free version click here






Hubspot has three paid plans that are Starter, Professional and Enterprise and the initial pricing starts from $50/month and go upto $3,200/month. to tryout hubspot click here

13. Pipedrive

Piper drive is a CRM service that is designed by experienced web application developers and sales professionals. It helps you organize and list your business leads, which would give you a clear overview of your sales that will enable you to concentrate on important tasks.

It is very easy and fast to set up. Pipedrive is also completely mobile-optimized, which makes it one of the most favorite software among sales teams. And you can also easily integrate the solution with popular applications such as Google Apps, Google Contacts as well as Google Calendar.


  • It is simple and has an intuitive interface.
  • If you need helpful guidance, you can count on this service
  • It is a very easy setup
  • Robust mobile apps
  • You can use customized web forms in order to collect leads
  • You can also create more than one pipeline


  • It has limited functionality for the price range
  • You would not be able to separate lists of new leads and contacts


What makes Pipedrive stand out among many services in the market? The main reason is that it would help you efficiently manage your organization’s sales pipeline.

The service assists you in identifying and tracking promising leads as well as priority deals so that you are able to pay individual attention to each of them.

You can use the application to maintain lead relationships and would be able to negotiate favorable deals, promote your brand, and adjust conditions that are suitable to you.

One more amazing feature is that it allows you to switch modules between on and off as needed without affecting your service quality, making it one of the most flexible solutions.

Pipedrive CRM’s user interface is very simple to pick up and work on, which is worth a lot compared to the time and expense you have to sacrifice on some tools that require training and onboarding.


Reporting and Third-Party Integration

This CRM software integrates with many of the productivity tools that are in the market such as Google G Suite, Google Maps, MailChimp as well as Zapier and many more. Pipedrive also gives you a forwarding address so that you are able to store your relevant emails and share them with the team.

Pipedrive has four paid plans that are Essential, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise. Its initial prices start from $12.50/month and go up to $99/month.


14. CRM Creatio

CRM Creatio is a process-driven platform that would help user combine customer data with amazing features like business process management to enhance their marketing, sales as well as service efforts. It offers features that can be helpful to both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as large enterprises.


  • It has a predictive unified business process
  • It would offer you with personalized tools for event planning as well as ad campaigns
  • It lets you hide features you do not need
  • With the help of Creatio you can automatically trigger for marketing campaigns like programming emails


  • The service’s trial period is short as compared with the competition
  • It has an overwhelming experience at the start as you would need some help
  • You need to know some coding to create forms
  • It is not directly integrable to social networks


This service also has CRM Creatio Mobile platform so that you can access the software on mobile devices. The application is able to integrates with popular systems that are MS Word, MS Outlook as well as Google Calendar.

You can also get this service to be integrated with your systems in multiple ways such as .Net assemblies, web services as well as COM or DLL.

The service is made up of three parts that are Sales Creatio which is the CRM portion, Creatio Marketing which is a tool for marketing automation, and Creatio Service which is a tool for desk operation.

All the aforementioned parts come with the main package so that you do not have to purchase different software for different departments and varied purposes. to try creatio free trial period click here








This service has three paid plans that are Team, Commerce and Enterprise and the initial prices start from $30/user/month and go up to $60/user/month.

  1. Base CRM (Zendesk)

Base CRM does a good job for the small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) that is complex yet easy to use tools as well as advanced features so you are able to build an easy interface that would not scare off users that are new to CRM but cost a lot of extra money for onboarding.

It even managed to put in some advanced analytics capabilities that do not defeat the purpose of an easy interface as long as you are willing to invest some of your time in your reporting education to make them work so that you may have maximum efficiency.

However as your business or company grows and if at some point you want to add features, you will find the price increasing somewhat according to your needs.


  • Simple interface
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Free training webinars
  • Full-featured mobile apps
  • Innovative predictive analytics reporting


  • You would get limited customization
  • If you want to use tools like deeper automation, reporting, analytics, and permissions then they are only available for higher tiers
  • This service has a significantly higher price

While the higher prices may be a bottleneck for you, you must know that the company has gotten several capabilities that can your money totally worth it as it has lead management, deal tracking as well as an impressive set of communication

tools, and much more. Even with this higher price, the product remains competitive and worth using.

For companies wanting to organize their sales pipeline, Base CRM is a good choice for big companies and even for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with teams ranging from 20 users to workforces of 500+ salespeople.

This services has three paid plans that are Starter, Professional and Enterprise and the initial pricing starts from $45/month and go up to $145/month.

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If you plan to update this post, make sure to include Bitrix24.com on the list. It’s the world’s most powerful free CRM solution used by over 6 million companies.